Who is Kate Stone?

You may be wondering, “Who is Kate Stone?” Is she a mythical god for all things related to air? Is she a legendary scientist or perhaps a Nobel Prize winner? Or is she the founder of the company?

Katestone is simply a name, a nice name that the founders of the company (Dr Peter Best and Karen Lunney) had a connection with. While writing this piece it became clear to me that the foresight of the company founders in selecting the name Katestone actually means a lot to us now and what Katestone has become over the past 20 years of operation.

Here is my explanation of the derivation of the company name Katestone, remembering that it was chosen by Karen and Peter.

Karen is a derivative of the name Katherine, as is Kate.
Kate is a Latin name meaning Pure or Clear.

Peter is derived from the Greek word “petros” meaning “Stone or rock”.
Petra (the feminine version of Peter)is also the Latin word for rock.

For a company name Katestone says a lot about us. It links with our company vision “Clear Skies” and reflects our strong foundations in providing solid advice.

So there isn’t a Kate Stone, but I will still answer to Kate.

~ Christine Killip

Managing Director, Katestone.

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