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Weather data

Whatever your weather data requirements are, we’ve got you covered.

Katestone specialises in generating weather datasets for dispersion modelling,  noise modelling, wind resource mapping, climate analysis, forensic event analysis, complaints analysis or any other applications. We can provide weather data ranging from simple time-series at a location, or a three-dimensional dataset for complex applications.

Data acquisition, checking, and formatting can be a time-consuming process. Take the stress out of your application, and let the weather experts handle your data. When your application uses data from Katestone, you know your datasets were generated by experts.

  • Meteorology experts. Our team of meteorologists and atmospheric scientists have extensive experience in all aspects of meteorology. Whether your interest is in temperature range, wind fields, boundary layers or any other weather condition, let us help you determine the best dataset for your application.
  • Efficiency. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), databases, web tools, in-house tools... the list goes on. We know the tricks of the trade, and we use them to validate and analyse all datasets we generate. Our massive computer resources, efficient data handling and verification mean faster delivery of high-quality datasets.
  • All types of data. We have access to long term observation datasets, reanalysis datasets, and climate projection datasets. If we can't find what you require from the available sources we can generate your own dataset. This is done using the best available models to develop a dataset to meet your specific requirements.
  • Massive Computer Resources. We take great pride in our network of servers, modelling, and processing machines, as well as the massive library of data and software applications that enable us to deliver datasets faster and more efficiently than anyone else. Read about how the Katestone High Performance Cluster (HPC) enabled us to deliver a five-year meteorological dataset for a dispersion modelling application in a fraction of the time.

We can use different models (WRF, MM5, TAPM) to generate datasets for different applications. The following lists examples of data formats we can deliver. If there is something specific you require that isn't on the list, give us a call, we can probably do that too!

  • Meteorological model
    • CALMET – processed through MMIF, or 3D.DAT
  • Dispersion model
    • TAPM
    • AERMOD
    • ISCST3
    • CAL3CQHR
  • Noise model
    • Nord2000
  • CSV
  • netcdf
  • Custom datasets

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