Odour Nuisance Survey – Wastewater Industry Professionals

Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure Planning, Development and Operation

Katestone is undertaking a survey of wastewater treatment professionals to gauge their experiences in addressing odour nuisance issues at both the approval (planning) and operational stages of a project.

There are two surveys to cover industry experiences with either:

  • Planning and development stage of infrastructure (i.e. assessing odour impact at the regulatory approval stage)
  • The operational stage of infrastructure (i.e. assessing odour impact after the facility/infrastructure is operational) 

Please click the link for the survey that is applicable to your experience.

Development / Planning Survey >

Operational Phase Survey >


[message type=”notice”]Odour nuisance is a site specific issue. We would appreciate your cooperation in completing more than one survey if you have been involved with multiple sites.[/message]

The results of the survey will be presented at the OzWater14 conference in Brisbane. The benefits of this research to the wastewater industry include:

  • Providing an indication of how odour nuisance issues have been assessed/addressed by professionals working in the wastewater industry
  • Assess the suitability of various methodologies when addressing odour nuisance
  • Provide a starting point for wastewater treatment professionals who have to investigate odour nuisance issues based on the experiences of their peers
  • Provide an indication of the factors that should be considered when assessing odour nuisance at the planning/development or operational stage of WWTP infrastructure
  • Give an indication of areas in which further research is required

micheal-fogarty-senior-consultantIf you would like to discuss any elements of the survey please contact Mick on
07 3369 3699

Read more here: Thanks for contributing to our Odour Nuisance survey


Katestone has specialist experience in wastewater treatment facilities odour nuisance issues.

Please call us if you would like to discuss your site specific details.
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