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Infrastructure luminaries visit Katestone

Reknowned civil engineer, Menno Henneveld, attended his first board meeting as a director of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) here, at Katestone’s Milton offices on April 19th. Recognised as National Professional Engineer of the Year, Menno will graciously share his experience with ISCA, including his ten years as WA Commissioner of Main Roads.…

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Enthusiastic discussion at mining sustainable development seminar

Scott Losee presenting Mining Sustainability Seminar

Last Wednesday evening, March 13, we held our first industry seminar at Marie St with excellent participation by clients and mining industry representatives. Scott Losee delivered an engaging powerpoint, connecting mining and sustainable development. He canvassed the business case, highlighted public statements by mining companies and compared guideline and rating tool approaches. Our guests were quick to…

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Seminar: Mining Sustainable Development – what have we come to?

Photo of open cut coal mine

An influential sustainability group once said, ‘In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing materials drawn from the Earth’s crust’ (TNS) – thus pinpointing an inherent incongruity between mining and sustainability. The reactions of mining companies to sustainable development have ranged from embracing it (at least publicly) to seeding scepticism. Are head…

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New year in infrastructure sustainability

The Australian Green Infrastructure Council last night resolved to update the name of the organisation and announce it in the new year. Adopted at its AGM in Sydney, the new name will drop ‘green’ and continue the organisation’s evolution after it named the rating tool ‘IS’ for Infrastructure Sustainability. Katestone’s Scott Losee attended and will…

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