Photo of open cut coal mine

Seminar: Mining Sustainable Development – what have we come to?

An influential sustainability group once said,

‘In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing materials drawn from the Earth’s crust’ (TNS)

– thus pinpointing an inherent incongruity between mining and sustainability.

The reactions of mining companies to sustainable development have ranged from embracing it (at least publicly) to seeding scepticism.

Are head office sustainability policies irrelevant mumbo jumbo or is there a cogent business rationale from dozer driver to board director?

Katestone will explore the present day environmental, social and economic realities of sustainable development and mining in a seminar to be held at its offices in Milton on Wednesday, 13 March 2013.

We’ll look at whether companies are gaining from sustainability, or just using it to window-dress holes in the ground. A lively discussion is anticipated!

The seminar will be led by Scott Losee, a leading Australian consultant in sustainability and climate change. Scott is expanding our practice in the field and advises industries, governments and utilities on applied sustainability, climate change and energy.

Contact if you’re interested in attending.


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