Report Disclaimer

Katestone reports are intended only for their named addressee and may not be relied upon by any other person. Katestone Environmental Pty Ltd disclaims any and all liability for damages of whatsoever nature to any other party and accepts no responsibility for any damages of whatsoever nature, however caused arising from misapplication or misinterpretation by third parties of the contents of a Katestone report.

Katestone reports are prepared with all due care and attention by professional scientists and engineers according to accepted practices and techniques. Reports are issued in confidence and are relevant only to the issues pertinent to the subject matter contained therein. Katestone Environmental accepts no responsibility for any misuse or application of the material set out in a report for any purpose other than the purpose for which it is provided.

Where site inspections, testing or fieldwork have taken place, the report is based on the information made available by the client, their employees, agents or nominees during the visit, visual observations and any subsequent discussions with regulatory authorities. The validity and comprehensiveness of supplied information has not been independently verified except where expressly stated and, for the purposes of the report, it is assumed that the information provided to Katestone Environmental Pty. Ltd. is both complete and accurate.

Under no circumstances will Katestone Environmental Pty Ltd be liable for any losses or damage whether such losses were foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise.

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