Sewerage and wastewater odour

Katestone – the experts in odour impact assessment for wastewater treatment and sewage projects.

The determination of odour impacts from sewage and WWTP (wastewater treatment plants) has become increasing important as:

  • Population has increased and encroachment on infrastructure has intensified
  • Regulators have increased their focus on the protection of amenity
  • Increased ventilation of sewage systems to reduce damage associated with corrosive sewage gasses

Our team including Director Simon Welchman and Senior Consultant Micheal Fogarty bring extensive experience in odour impact assessment and complaints analysis to our projects. Our experience includes:

  • Working at a senior level in the EPA
  • Completing PhD and Masters of Engineering research in odour nuisance, abatement and impact assessment
  • Representing clients in the Land and Environment Courts as an expert witness in odour impacts assessment
  • Numerous odour impact assessments for WWTP and sewage infrastructure
  • Completing odour measurements at numerous WWTP and sewage networks in Australian and in Europe
  • Design of odour monitoring campaigns for WWTP and pump stations
  • Review and analysis of complaints across a variety of odorous industries
  • Design of odour management plans for WWTP and sewage infrastructure

If odour complaints are an issue for your wastewater infrastructure or you are considering an upgrade to your plant, Katestone has the expertise to conduct a robust technical assessment that is done to the highest standards in accordance with regulatory guidance. In cases where regulatory guidance and standards cannot be applied our staff have significant expertise and proven experience to design monitoring plans and complete impact assessments in accordance with sound scientific principles that are technically robust and will stand up to rigorous peer review.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of odour impact assessment for your wastewater treatment plant or infrastructure please contact us.

Odour by Industry

Katestone odour experts are experienced with a variety of industries including:

– Intensive agriculture (poultry, piggery, feedlot)
– Utilities (wastewater, sewage)
– Food Processing
– Mining, oil and gas
Waste management (landfill, composting, incineration)
– Rendering/abattoirs
– Asphalt production
– Industrial/manufacturing
– Foundries

Where are we?

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