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Odour impact assessment for poultry developments

If you are planning on developing a new conventional or free-range poultry farm (broiler, layer or breeder-rearer chickens) or expanding your existing operations you will require an odour impact assessment as part of the Development Application. An odour impact assessment is required to determine if odour from the poultry sheds is likely to cause nuisance at nearby sensitive locations (e.g. a neighbour’s house).

An odour impact assessment for a poultry development can involve odour monitoring and odour dispersion modelling to determine the level of odour that is likely to be experienced in the surrounding community. Odour monitoring can include source sampling at existing sheds or field odour observations in the vicinity of an existing development. A technically robust odour impact assessment is needed that shows that compliance with odour regulations can be achieved.

Katestone has extensive expertise and experience in conducting odour impact assessments from poultry developments. Our staff have delivered technically robust odour assessments for numerous poultry developments throughout Australia. Director Simon Welchman and Senior Consultant Micheal Fogarty bring a wealth of knowledge to each project.

Specific experience of Katestone staff members includes:

  • Completion of odour impact assessments for some of the largest poultry developments in Australia
  • Odour impact assessments for poultry developments in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia
  • Prior to joining Katestone as a director, Simon worked for the New South Wales EPA, where he conducted regulatory reviews of odour studies for a range of industries include poultry developments
  • Simon has regularly been called on as an expert witness in legal proceedings for intensive poultry developments
  • Micheal has completed a PhD and Masters of Engineering researching odour nuisance, abatement and impact assessment

Get the right team on your side. If you would like to discuss any aspect of odour impact assessment for your poultry development please call Micheal Fogarty or email us.

Odour by Industry

Katestone odour experts are experienced with a variety of industries including:

– Intensive agriculture (poultry, piggery, feedlot)
– Utilities (wastewater, sewage)
– Food Processing
– Mining, oil and gas
Waste management (landfill, composting, incineration)
– Rendering/abattoirs
– Asphalt production
– Industrial/manufacturing
– Foundries

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