Kite’s Amazing Milestone: 1 Million animals under our care!

Katestone’s newly released Kite has just reached the Milestone of 1 million animals under its care. Kite is Katestone’s Weather Risk Management Platform. Katestone Managing Director, Christine Killip is grateful for the fantastic support of the cattle feedlot industry.


“I’d like to thank the feedlots for their overwhelming support of our service. I never thought that by October we’d have 1 million cattle ready to tackle the hot summer ahead. It’s a huge credit to the industry for being proactive and also to my fantastic team for working so hard to get it done.”


“When we made the decision to build a new heat load forecasting system to support a user-pays model we took a huge financial risk. Being a small family-owned business, the funding for development of Kite came from our pockets. I’m heartened and also relieved to see so many feedlots using our system! We are looking forward to adding even more features over the coming years.”


Feedlots have embraced the new service and appreciate its features, which make the management of heat stress in cattle easier.

Having reached this milestone, we are opening a new section on our website, Experience Sharing, where we present case studies of how our users have minimised heat load risk within their feedlots in practical and bite-sized stories. Keep tuned and watch this space!


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