Numerical Weather Prediction Services

Client: MeteoLogic
Skills: Numerical Weather Prediction, high performance computing
Location: Australia
Date: 2014

MeteoLogic is a commercial weather service provider delivering weather forecasts by a team of meteorologists. The team at MeteoLogic source Numerical Weather Prediction data from national weather providers around the globe to service their clients. These model outputs are a good starting point for their interpreted forecasts; however, they lacked the fine scale in both time and space required to accurately forecast the weather at certain locations.

To improve its service, MeteoLogic engaged Katestone to provide up to date and accurate numerical weather predictions at a spatial scale and time scale more suitable to their applications.

Katestone’s Numerical Weather Prediction system – ‘K-NWS’ – has been developed and operational since 2011, providing high-resolution weather data for agricultural and industrial clients that require customised weather intelligence for their business applications.

This level of coverage is extremely important, particularly to one of their major clients, Virgin Australia, for whom accurate and timely predictions of the total atmosphere is critical for their operations…

The accuracy and fine scale of the K-NWS system was a major draw for MeteoLogic to add our data stream to their operational forecasting service. Currently K-NWS provides MeteoLogic with numerical weather predictions for the Australian continent from the surface up to the upper troposphere. This level of coverage is extremely important, particularly to one of MeteoLogic’s major clients, Virgin Australia, for whom accurate and timely predictions of the total atmosphere is critical for their operations.

Not only does MeteoLogic receive Numerical Weather Prediction data they also require specialised post processing of the raw model outputs for integration with their operational display system. The data is handled on our dedicated processing and visualisation system. At Katestone, we work with our clients to provide the best service possible, putting the customer back into the data services equation.

Katestone provides this service every day, all year round. The K-NWS system runs continuously and is constantly monitored for performance and delivery by our scientists and engineers.

If you would like to know more about K-NWS or how accurate and timely weather intelligence can help you and your business contact the Katestone Meteorology and Forecasting Group.


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