Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Management Support Tool

Using Emission Inventories as a Management Support Tool

Client: DBCT Pty Ltd
Skills: Climate risk and adaptationDust ManagementAir Quality, NPI, NGERS
Location: Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Date: 2016

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd (DBCT P/L) is required to report emissions associated with its coal export terminal (Facility) in accordance with Australian legislation – the National Environment Protection (National Pollutant Inventory) Measure 1998 and the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER Act).

DBCT P/L came to Katestone in 2016 for help with its NPI and NGER reporting.
Katestone worked with DBCT P/L to:

  • Optimise data gathering by generating standard procedures for reporting
  • Understand operations at the Facility to tailor emission estimations techniques
  • Provide clear concise reports that detail:
    • Data gathered
    • Emission estimation techniques applied
    • Reported emissions

DBCT P/L now has a robust and transparent tool for compliance reporting. The reports are backed up by reference documents that detail the data and calculations that underpin the information that is subsequently released by the government to the public.

The detailed analysis of data has also helped DBCT P/L make better management decisions at the Facility, such as targeted cost effective dust mitigation strategies.

Streamlining the data collection system has saved DBCT P/L staff time collecting the data and ensures the information provided to Katestone is in a consistent format, saving time to process the data and easier quality assurance checking.

Katestone now works with DBCT P/L throughout the year to review the data collected quarterly and ensure the annual reporting process is as painless as possible.

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