Industrial Estate Health Risk and Odour Nuisance

Client: Queensland Health
Skills: Dispersion modellingHealth riskOdour
Location: Narrangba, Queensland, Australia
Date: 2007

Existing community concerns over pollution from the Narangba Industrial Estate peaked when, in August 2005, a chemical fire occurred. Part of the government’s response was to commission studies including a Health Risk Assessment, to which Katestone was a major contributor.

The risk assessment analysed air and odour impacts from multiple noxious, offensive and hazardous industries. Katestone grappled with the complexity and magnitude of the large number of businesses, production activities, emission source types and pollutants, as well as the spatial distribution of sources and receptors.

We developed a meteorological and atmospheric dispersion model and assessed 153 air toxics and odours released from 25 fugitive, area and point sources.

Katestone’s independent analysis demonstrated that significant air quality impacts were unlikely, but that odours may be detected in sensitive places at times. Good communication among team members, the community reference group and industries, together with detailed preparation made the study a success.

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