picture of the Gladstone Airshed Modelling system

Industrial City Airshed Management System – Gladstone

Client:  Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
SkillsDispersion modellingMeteorologyDecision support systems and custom tools
Location: Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
Date:  2001, 2005, present

The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) takes responsibility for regulating pollution from heavy industry in Gladstone, a focus of industrial development since the 1970s.

In 2001, the then EHP and the Department of Primary Industries sought an air quality modelling tool to provide a better mechanism for assessing the expansion of industry within the Gladstone State Development Area.

Katestone developed a set of evaluation procedures and tools for government known as the Gladstone Airshed Modelling System (GAMS).

GAMS combines the most recent airshed modelling tools to provide a powerful framework for evaluating the implications of new industrial sources for regional air quality.

GAMS provided a leading example for airshed modelling systems subsequently developed for Townsville, the Brisbane port area and the Newcastle airshed in NSW.

Katestone remains the custodian of GAMS and undertakes industrial development scenario modelling government. GAMS also provides a basis for industry to understand its impact on air quality and manage emissions.

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