Bio-refinery licence amendment

Client: Mark Rigby and Associates
Skills: Air quality assessment, licence amendment
Location: Dalby, Queensland, Australia
Date:  2013

Dalby Bio-Refinery Limited (DBRL) produces ethanol from locally grown red sorghum, which is then used as a blend for petrol. The DBRL plant is the first of its type in Queensland and has been producing ethanol since 2005. DBRL was seeking approval to install a dryer at the site to improve production at a cost of $15 million (AUS).

Air quality was a key issue raised by the regulator.

Katestone was commissioned by Mark Rigby and Associates, on behalf of DBRL, to conduct an air quality study of the bio-refinery to support amendment to the facility’s environmental licence to allow installation of a dryer. It was important to show the regulator that the proposed dryer and the changes to the environmental licence would ensure that the facility was appropriately regulated and that it would not adversely impact air quality in the surrounding environment.

The air quality dispersion modelling study demonstrated that there would be no adverse impacts associated with any air pollutants including:

  • odours
  • volatile organic compounds (mainly ethanol)
  • nitrogen dioxide
  • particulates

Mark Rigby and Associates incorporated the air quality dispersion modelling report into the licence amendment application for the DBRL facility. Katestone’s thorough and clear analysis of the air quality issues and the concise and easy to understand report contributed to fast and effective negotiations with the regulator. The amendment application was granted within three weeks of submission ensuring that DBRL could proceed with the purchase of a dryer.

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