Katestone’s Climate Statement

Katestone recognises the impact climate change has on our communities, our natural environment and our future. In order to consolidate our long-term commitment to the world achieving Net-Zero, we have set our goal to be carbon neutral by 2022. For that, Katestone is in the process of becoming Climate Active and has also signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – UNFCCC Pledge for Climate Neutral Now.

At Katestone Environmental we recognise our responsibility to meet both statutory and community expectations regarding emissions reductions. We believe that environmental management is everyone’s responsibility.


Katestone’s Vision for the Future

At Katestone our vision is Clear Skies. Clear Skies for our clients and communities now and for future generations around the world.

We aim to achieve that by providing superior air quality, meteorological and climate consulting services that our clients value, trust and rely on to make important decisions to ensure a sustainable future, that our peers and regulators regard as a benchmark and strive to emulate and that we are proud of.

Supporting others in the race to zero is also our priority. Katestone has been working with its clients on greenhouse gas and climate change issues for the past 20 years. We have taken our clients beyond the ticking the box exercise and helped them implement effective mitigation strategies to reduce emissions to air.

Our carbon footprint here at the Katestone headquarters is very small. But however small, we believe it is important to reduce it to zero (or below!). We have also initiated discussions with our fellow tenants and landlord to look into how we can reduce the carbon footprint for everyone in the building.


Katestone’s Commitment

Katestone’s commitment towards the emissions reduction is threefold:

  • Reducing our own carbon emissions and achieving net-zero by 2022
  • Supporting our clients to develop an effective, sustainable and fast journey towards emissions reductions
  • Inspiring our families, staff and expanded network in terms of awareness of their footprint and emissions reduction.


Risk Assessment

As a company, we have undertaken a climate risk assessment to determine the risks to our business from both the physical climate (acute and chronic) and the transition to a low carbon economy. This helped us identify not only the risks we needed to mitigate but also the opportunities to both improve our environmental management and support others on their journey.

Katestone maintains a corporate risk register that is regularly reviewed and updated. The recent revision gave us the opportunity to reassess our climate risks, both physical and transitional and ensure we have plans in place to mitigate these risks.


Thought Leadership

Our Managing Director, Christine Killip, is spreading the word and talking to business groups about Climate risk and what they can do to understand and mitigate the risks.

Katestone holds workshops and networking events to discuss energy efficiency, new technologies and waste minimisation with our clients. Additionally, we are committed to developing articles addressing simple and practical strategies to be implemented by the community in their journey towards climate neutrality.


Supporting our clients

As an environmental consulting company with over 30 years specialising in air quality, greenhouse gas and climate we have worked with many of the existing power stations, mines and industrial facilities in Australia. This puts us in a great position to help our clients with their transitions to a lower-carbon economy. Be it understanding current climate risks, determining decarbonisation strategies or getting new environmental approvals for a changed emissions profile.

With Australia’s enviable abundance of renewable energy sources, critical minerals and advanced technology, we see a significant opportunity for growth in our consulting business to support Australia’s path to becoming an energy superpower of the world.

Several years ago, we saw the need for industrial facilities to better manage weather risk on a day to day basis. For this reason, we launched a new Katestone Company, Weather Intelligence. Weather Intelligence is now supplying SAAS solutions to the industrial sector to help identify, manage and mitigate weather-related risks.

For individuals, families and businesses, large and small, we will be pleased to help you understand your carbon footprint and join the global movement to Net-Zero.