Karen Lunney

In Memory of Karen Lunney

One of Katestone’s founders, Karen Lunney, passed away at the end of last year. She had been battling cancer for over 10 years.
Karen was an amazing woman and if it wasn’t for her and Peter’s vision Katestone wouldn’t be the business it is today. In fact, it wouldn’t exist at all! Karen had a unique ability to see a way through a problem. She was the brains behind most of the software applications designed and built by Katestone for the electricity industry around forecasting and risk management. The software that resulted was years ahead of the competition.
Dante's Inferno Karen Lunney
Dante’s Inferno. © Karen Lunney
One of Karen’s many stunning captures from her travels. You can view more of her collections and accolades at http://karenlunneyphoto.com/

Karen was not only Peter’s business partner but also his partner in life. After retiring from the business in 2005, Peter and Karen traveled the world finding “just the right light” and capturing them on camera. Karen’s pictures are acclaimed internationally and featured in various books.

Karen will be missed by us all. In memory of her we have donated to the Cherish Foundation (for ovarian cancer research), we hope you can contribute too.

You can learn more about Karen’s story on the Cherish Foundation website. 

Masai Mara Storm Karen Lunney
Masai Mara Storm. With our global climate in a state of flux, the primary circulations in the lower atmosphere are changing in unexpected ways. The tropical and sub-tropical zones are slowly expanding towards the poles. At shorter timescales, the polar vortices can be weakened and frigid air drawn down to the temperate regions. Both of these large-scale phenomena facilitate the sudden mixing of hot and cold air-masses and raise the frequency or intensity of thunderstorms. © Karen Lunney
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  1. Peter Best on 10/06/2019 at 10:10 am

    Very many thanks to you all. Katestone was our life for a decade and we had such fun (and pain) in pushing some of the boundaries. Our best people just appeared in front of us, asking for a position. You were a delight to work with and we had some fun boat trips and rowing competitions on the way. We are very proud that you have taken Katestone Global into the stratosphere and wish you every success and a little pain. Pain is creative!

    Thanks so much for the donation. Cherish Foundation raised over $170,000 with the trip to Everest Base Camp. Next year they are trekking through Central Australia. We (some friends and family) are thinking about Indonesia end-to-end in 2022, perhaps on a three month stinter core people (retired) with working people coming along for 1-2 week hikes.