Cyber Security Drinks with Kate

Go hack yourself

Wednesday 9 August 2017,  5-7pm

Security of our personal data is critically important. But with everything moving to the Cloud, is it possible to protect our online identities?

Christine recently heard an expert in online security speak about these issues and was both horrified and amazed. For our next Drinks with Kate we decided to share with you these important and thought provoking insights.

Come along and listen to Ross Marston, Founder and Chief Security Strategist with Business Intelligence Security (B.I.S). He will speak about your online identity, why it is important, what can happen if it is compromised and what you can do about it.

So come along and find out how to “Go Hack yourself” to keep you and your data safe from the bad guys.

More About Ross:
Ross is a serial Geek and long time hacker (White Hat of course).  But he’s not your “normal” Geek.  He has an entertaining and unique approach to Cyber Security.  Ross helps his audience embrace the fact that Cyber must be dealt with by every one that uses any digital device.  Not just left to the nerds.  “They created the problem in the first place.  Now it’s time for us to fix it.”.

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