Planning and Development

CASA publishes feedback on draft plume rise Advisory Circular

Christine Killip on site

Industrial exhaust plumes that are discharged vertically via chimneys or stacks may cause turbulence that is invisible to pilots but sufficient to adversely affect the safe operation of aircraft. Katestone first assessed the potential impact of plumes on aircraft safety while preparing the Environmental Impact Statement for Oakey Power Station in late 1996. The situation…

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Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring Gaining Ground for Approvals

Written by Plistina Almeida and Simon Welchman   Approvals and environmental licenses now routinely include conditions requiring periodic or ongoing air quality and meteorological monitoring.  Air quality is commonly a key factor when it comes to the go-ahead of large developments in Australia.   Typically, air quality impact assessment studies are used to assess proposed…

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How can strategic planning be used to avoid air quality impacts?

Written by Plistina Almeida and Simon Welchman   A common misconception that can lead to intractable land-use conflicts is that air quality impacts do not occur beyond the boundary of a site.  Whilst this may seem like a naive assertion to those with experience in air quality issues, it is common and may stem from…

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The Victoria Environment Protection Act (EPA) is changing 1 July 2021

Edit: The EPA Victoria issued a note stating that “Following a sitting of Parliament on Thursday 23 April, the legislation has been postponed and is intended to commence on 1 July 2021”.   These changes respond to the Independent Inquiry into the EPA. The Victorian Government proposes two phases of legislative reform to overhaul the Environment Protection Act…

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Odour Assessment: SPS and your Royal Flush

Odour Assessement for a Royal Flush

You’re a developer with an amazing hand – a perfect location, cutting-edge designs, quality contractors and prospective clients – if it were a game of poker you’d have a Royal Flush. But there’s one catch – your proposed development is located near a sewage pump station (SPS). There’s nothing worse than the smell of sewage…

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Focus: PNG

map view of Papua New Guinea

Though based in Australia, Katestone’s experience and expertise extends beyond Australian shores to all corners of the globe including our northern neighbour Papua New Guinea. PNG has access to phenomenal natural resources including significant reserves of both gold and natural gas. Environmental approvals are part and parcel of the rapid phase of development currently underway in…

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Seminar: ‘Residential Development? Not in my backyard!’

Are anti-encroachment laws just an excuse for poor environmental performance of industries or are they necessary to protect their future viability? Aerosols, fumes, odour, particles and smoke can be a nuisance to residents and reduce amenity. Odour and dust are often the subject of resident complaints about industry and a range of factors, some out…

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