A message from the Managing Director – 2020

Thriving through the Crisis

Our world as we know it has been turned upside down and although we are still facing many challenges it is a time to reflect on what is important.

It is hard to go past the horrific scenes on the news and terrible stories of hardship and loss. However, it is well documented that during tough economic times there is a huge growth in innovation. I have spent some time looking and found heaps of good news stories coming out of this crisis on many different levels. 

Stories of growth and awareness

Stories of comradery

Stories of gratitude and selflessness, and 

Stories of innovation and reinvention.

My own personal experiences in my local community have been incredible. The usual response when I ask a shopkeeper “How are you?” has changed from “Fine thanks” to an actual conversation!

And there has been a surprisingly huge increase in the number of smiles. Even from absolute strangers.

With the toilet paper sagas now well behind us, there are positive signs of humanity. People are thanking the health care workers on the front line. 

Parents are realising what an amazing job our teachers do and saying thank you. 

Those little things that we used to take for granted we will no more!

I will also remember the 2020 ANZAC day for the rest of my life. Standing with my family in our driveway at dawn with a candle, listening to the last post ring out across the neighbourhood and seeing our neighbours doing the same. It was very moving and somehow meant more than watching a large parade. I have never felt so connected with the people around me.

The selfless displays are also translating to some companies. I saw on a recent LinkedIn post about a very understanding boss. One of his employees who had resigned just before the crisis to join a competitor, asked if she could come back so she could get access to the Jobkeeper payment. He rehired her immediately and made sure she was looked after. 

The support from the government has been extraordinary and I’m sure has saved many companies and supported many families. However, there are always some who miss out and that is where many companies and charities are stepping in to help those in need. Such as the Rotary club. They are supporting international students with bread and food because many have lost their jobs in hospitality. 

There are lots of good news stories of reinvention. Car companies are now making respirators, distilleries are making sanitiser and clothing companies are making face masks. 

I also came across an amazing Australian website called COVID SOS. The site allows Health professionals to post what they need. And then Engineers, designers and manufacturers from many universities and some research and industrial organisations collaborate on methods of design and manufacture. Meeting the needs of those who need it most.

We have all heard the good news for the environment when it comes to COVID.  Carbon emissions are down globally and with manufacturing and air travel grinding to a halt, the planet has had a chance to rejuvenate. We can see crystal clear waters in the canals in Venice and clear skies over previously polluted cities. But what happens when we all return to normal? 

Well for one city they have decided to make a change for the future. 

The city of Milan, one of Europe's most polluted cities has announced that 35km of streets will be transformed with an experimental citywide expansion of cycling and walking space to protect residents as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. The deputy Mayor said “Of course, we want to reopen the economy, but we think we should do it on a different basis from before.”

I have shared with you today just a few of the good news stories. Please keep the good news coming by sharing your stories in our new Linkedin Group “Linked with Kate”.


And remember...

This crisis will end

We will meet again

Let’s do so as better people!


~ Christine Killip, Managing Director

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